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Holly Lodge Community Centre - Highgate London

Committee Meeting July 2017


PRESENT: Barbara, Hertha, Anne, Grace, Roger, Martin, Karen

APOLOGIES: Felicitas; Josh; Sabine; Lisa; Camilla

  1. MINUTES OF LAST MEETING: Approved as correct and signed off.
  2. LUNCH CLUB AND COOK: Cecilia is very ill, but she is keen to carry on working as Chef at our Lunch Club on Mondays while she can or wants to. In the meantime it is thought that Jay would be a very good person to train up so that he can be a chef and step in from time to time to take the pressure off Cecilia when she might from time to time be feeling tired or under the weather. ACTION: Martin will speak to Cecilia re: training up Jay to fulfil this role at the Monday lunch club and work alongside her, learning from her excellent cooking skills and calmness under pressure.
  3. MOSAIC This has been a great success ACTION: Hertha will ask Asa to put the white tile with the children’s names on and their words about Anja around Mosaic on the Community wall where it is in situ. Regarding the original design of the Mosaic, Hertha has confirmed that we do have a photograph of it which will be put up on a wall at the HLCC….. ACTION: But first of all Grace and Josh will ‘blow up’ this photo to a decent size and will then help to put it up on the wall.
  4. NOTICE BOARD It was agreed after discussing costs as well as effect and appearance that a notice board with an aluminium black frame and white centre would be the best and reflect the style of the other ‘Tudor’ style flats opposite. Also the name of the Centre should be placed on top of this notice board.
  5. HALL USE AND HIRE Because of intermittent trouble we have been having over several months now, we agreed not to hire out the hall for parties unless it was for people we know and trust. The deposit will be £100, not £50 anymore. There will be no music after 9pm and the whole event will be wrapped up and will stop at 9pm at the latest. It is thought that we should focus more on classes and on courses rather than parties especially that in the near future we hope to have TRA Status and will no longer be threatened with paying an exorbitant rent. So focus on building up classes and courses at Centre. ACTION: Barbara to speak to Eugene Molari and to keep him in touch with all the changes that are happening. NB: Martin, you and the whole of the Monday team running the lunch club deserve a great thank you from all of us.
  6. WEBSITE Remove Web advertising of our Hall Hire for Parties. TRA is launching a new website and eventually will have a link to the HLCC

The meeting ended at 8.30pm and the next meeting was called for either the 11th or the 13th September 2017. These Minutes were written by Anne Holve (Trustee HLCC).